Chef's Bio
"All food is not the same; and all Japanese cuisine are not the same."
Meet chef/owner Justin Hwang. Inaka is Justin’s first restaurant after being a sushi chef for more than 25 years in both the metro Boston area and New York City. Justin’s restaurant career first began as a sushi chef in New York City and then later was recruited by Jae’s Café in Boston when sushi was slowly beginning to gain popularity in the Boston area. Years later, Justin’s reputation grew and his skill in sushi was the best in the business. After 20 years of experience as head executive sushi chef in the cities, Justin and his wife Young wanted to introduce sushi made by a true sushi chef to others who did not live in the city.
Inaka (田舎) in Japanese means the rural area or place outside the major metropolitan areas. According to chef Hwang, “I wanted people who didn’t know about sushi to eat my dish and love it. When we first opened, people didn’t know what to order so I just sent food to the table.” Open since August of 1999, Inaka has garnered a reputation for engaging creative fresh sushi, warm cozy atmosphere, and a wonderful combination of both Korean and Japanese cuisine. Inaka has the best sushi and bee bim bahp around!